Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5: Toys and Toothbrushes

Tonight was really tough for me to get any good pictures.  The lighting is awful in our house unless we get morning sun.  I only have my kit lens, which doesn’t go below f/3.5, my camera doesn’t do well with an ISO above 800 (a lot of noise results), and with toddlers anything below a 1/90 shutter speed gives me a lot of blurry photos.  This means my photos are underexposed and I have to rely on my LightScoop and editing to get some light, neither of which are the best for good pictures.  Cooper didn’t take a nap today either so he was cranky and which set Charlotte off in a bad mood as well.  Can’t get greats shots everyday I suppose.

On a side note I find it very difficult to get Charlotte’s skin tone right.  She has an olive skin tone with a lot of yellow and red, which is really difficult to adjust without making her hair look blue.  Cooper also has a lot of yellow in his skin, and it is really tough when they are in a picture together unless I have natural light.  Eventually I’ll figure out how to do manual white balance, and in the mean time I’ll keep selecting the best choice for WB and then do some editing.

 IMGP3374_edit IMGP3381_edit  IMGP3404_editIMGP3417_edit  IMGP3445_edit       IMGP3459_edit    IMGP3467_edit


Niffer said...

I don't think I've ever told you this, but I love how short you keep Cooper's hair. It looks really good. And I just adore the curls in Charlotte's hair. Someday I'm going to have a curly haired little girl. Adeline better step up to the plate!

Niffer said...

Oh, and also... I was wondering how difficult it would be for you to actually get great pictures every day. The only chance I would have of doing this 365 thing of my children would be to stock-pile them. I've taken so many pictures of Lorielle that she hates the camera. I'm curious to see how your kids will do in time. Let me know your secret if they continue to love being photographed!

Beth said...

I've seen you before from lurking on the adoption board but I just noticed your blog in a post on the photography board. Just wanted to tell you you have beautiful kids! I just added your blog to my blog list.