Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18: Hoping it’s the batteries

There may be something wrong with my camera.  Every time I put a fresh set of batteries in, I get about 5 pictures before the batteries are depleted.  I’ve read online that Pentax K-series DSLR’s are known to be particular about the batteries you use.  I have a K2000 and I’ve only used Energizer Lithium batteries, and I usually can take several hundred photos before needing to replace the batteries.  Of course over the last few weeks I’ve been using my flash quite a bit since I’m inside at night.  I just purchased some rechargeable batteries that I’ve read should work well.  If they don’t I’ll have to take my camera in and hope there’s nothing seriously wrong since I really don’t want to spend a lot to fix the camera (I’m considering switching to Nikon so I’d rather not have to fix this camera).  Our point and shoot is going bad as well and freezes up quite often.  Boo for bad cameras!

Here’s the only shot I got off tonight with the DSLR.  I had no way of metering or checking white balance, or even have time to check the focus.  Not bad for basically shooting blind!IMGP4175_edit

And this was my attempt to take one with the Sony Cybershot point and shoot…then it died too!  Bad lighting, bad white balance, blurry.  Ugh, I hate point and shoots now.



Niffer said...

Oh no! How are you going to keep up with the pictures if your cameras keep dieing on you?

Niffer said...

Do you take photo requests? It might be an idea you stick in the back of your mind, but I'd love to see pictures of the kids playing with bugs. One of my favorite pictures of Ellie (which I'm scrapbooking right now, which is why I thought to write you) is of her holding a leaf with a ladybug on it. One of my favorite pictures of Cracker (a friend who has a blog) is where his daddy was showing him a caterpillar.