Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11: Tooter and Shot

Today I wanted to try to take pictures of their hands and of them playing with their kitchen they got for Christmas.  I feel a lot more comfortable taking a picture of their faces because I feel more connected to it, however I also want to have some great shots of their little hands, feet, lips, ears, etc. 

I ended up with a lot of blurry shots (wow those little hands move fast!), but these two I really like (and they were the least blurry/best exposed).  I like that Cooper was trying to hide the cow from me and the following one shows Charlotte pretending (something we are working on getting her to do spontaneously).  The color version didn’t really add anything, so I worked on learning how to convert to black and white.  I like the look the noise gives…this might be a fun picture to try lots of different editing things on.


Here is the less noisy one (recently added), which I also like.  One thing I struggle with black and white is not making it look to gray, which makes the photo look lifeless.  I didn’t have really any white in this photo, so I feel like the skin is a little gray…any feedback on this?IMGP3764_Edit3


These last two I chose because it shows their personality a bit.  Now I know how the house gets so messy.  Notice Cooper throwing the silverware?  Once he starts then Charlotte starts and before we know it we have two little tornadoes. IMGP3782_edit

This one cracks me up because Cooper climbs up on the kitchen all the time.  My husband always makes him get down because he’s afraid he’ll fall.  I say once he falls he’ll learn not to climb on it anymore.  I especially like how I’m at Charlotte’s point of view and she’s tattling on him, which she does quite often.  She comes and gets our attention and points and says ‘Tooter, eh, eh’.  Today I realized they actually attempt to say each other’s names.  Except it sounds more like ‘Tooter’ and ‘Shot’.   IMGP3800_edit

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Niffer said...

Tooter and Shot. I love it.