Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15: Photo Shoot Practice

I am planning to take some Valentine’s Day photos.  I want to do a white background and with two toddlers I find that if I sit them in a chair then I can get better pictures.  This morning I put Cooper in his booster seat with his cereal bar and then put a piece of white poster board behind him just for practice.  Here’s the result:


And to make sure that this method of achieving a white background will not work with my children, here’s Charlotte’s take on it from this afternoon (she actually moved the white board and threw it on the floor):IMGP3949_edit

(For both of these photos all I did to edit them was a screen overlay layer and duplicated twice for Cooper and 4 times for Charlotte).


Leah said...

these made me laugh outloud. :-) who knew white poster board could be so scary...i'll have to remember that. ;-)

Niffer said...

Hahha... That's too bad. I guess you have a few weeks to get them used to the poster board.

Kristen said...

these are priceless!