Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12: Fat lip

Charlotte tripped today and fell flat on her face.  She busted her lip open and got a fat lip.  It was really bothering her and she wouldn’t eat, so I her a Yoplait cup of yogurt.  And of course since Charlotte had one, Cooper also needed one.  I love these photos because it shows how much they love yogurt and also shows how they can now eat with utensils (although they still love eating with their hands!).

I learned something new in Photoshop today!  I was so tired of going through all the steps to create a vignette that I decided to record my own action.  It was a piece of cake once I found the actions pallette and used this tutorial.  Now I can just use a couple of keys that I set as my shortcut and just like that I get a vignette!  Now I’m excited to actually look for free actions to download to have some fun with editing.

My Lightscoop created a strange glowing effect on Charlotte’s bib (which she suddenly wants to wear again).  I loved her smile while eating so I overlooked the crazy pink glow.IMGP3827_edit

Here she is hamming it up for the camera.  I was trying to adjust my Lightscoop to remove the glow from the bottom and instead got a nice bright line at the top.  Again her expression was too great not to pass up.IMGP3828_edit

Forget the spoon, just drink the yogurt!IMGP3830_edit

I love his messy face in this picture.IMGP3825_edit

He always twists his spoon/fork around in his mouth and tilts his head.  I wish I wouldn’t have cut off his other hand, otherwise it’s a great picture!IMGP3826_edit

I usually like my photos cropped landscape rather than portrait (I usually only shoot in landscape because I hate rotating photos.  However the rest of this picture seemed way too busy and took away from what I was trying to capture.  I like that he is looking into the container, almost like he is trying to figure out how to get the yogurt out.IMGP3812_edit

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