Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4: Bath Time Fun!

My husband and I take turns with bath night.  Tonight was his turn, but I got home late from work and didn’t have much time with the kids.  It was also my first day back at work after 2 weeks off and my husband had a long day with the kids (he’s a stay at home dad).  So I volunteered to do bath night again to have more time with the kids, plus I needed to take pictures!

Taking pictures in a teeny tiny bathroom (only the size of two bathtubs), with poor lighting and water near my camera was not easy.  But, I had fun seeing them in this way and it reminded me how fun taking a bath is.  I had to do some Photoshop work to brighten them up, adjust the white balance (although I think they’re still off a bit), crop a bit, and add some blur to tiny private parts.

IMGP3286_edit2  IMGP3306_edit IMGP3298_edit  IMGP3309_edit  IMGP3314_edit    IMGP3359_edit


Leah said...

these are adorable!

Niffer said...

The third and forth pictures are adorable!

janineb said...

love love 3 and 4. nicely done!