Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28: Mischief and Comfort

Cooper likes to torment Charlotte.  I usually can’t get a picture of it because he knows that she can fairly quickly fend for herself.  So he usually torments her and then runs away.DSC_0040_edit 

Cooper often walks up to me and hugs my legs (almost my hips now…wow that kid is tall since I’m 5’ 11”!) and then bites onto my shirt and sort of hangs himself off.  I really love this picture because I completely nailed the focus on his eyes (no post processing sharpening on this photo…only upping exposure, blacks, saturation and vibrance, yellows and reds).  I know I chopped his head, but for using my 50mm lens and having a moving target, I’m proud of this!  And checkout the light in his eyes!  Yay for a speedlight! DSC_0038_edit

Comfort for Charlotte is her thumb and blanket. DSC_0048_edit

Added a black and white version.  I just took my edited picture above and ran CoffeeShop Splendor Coffee B&W action (see here for other free PS actions).  I actually like this B&W version…it is a tiny bit blown out for me, but I like the true black and white and the sense of texture in the photo.



Niffer said...

That is a fantastic picture to turn black and white. I love it.

Domestic Photographic said...

Cooper's eyes look amazing in that shirt shot!

HElizabethDU said...

Love the one of Cooper holding on to your shirt. Great capture!