Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 42: Faces, feet and tongues

One of Cooper’s favorite things about our dog is that she loves to sniff him.  He especially likes when she sniffs his face.  (This was taken by my husband and edited by me.)


Charlotte’s little piggies.  Her feet are so tiny, especially compared to Cooper’s.  She just started wearing a size 6 shoe, while Cooper wears a size 9.DSC_0232_straight_b&w_wm

Show me your tongue!   (I need to work on custom white balance and consider calibrating my monitor.  It drives me crazy to see it different between my two monitors and even more different at work.  I can’t tell if there’s too much red, yellow, magenta or cyan.)DSC_0261_edit_wm DSC_0258_edit_wm

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