Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 46: Zooming out

My progress with taking photos outside is going slower than I thought it would.  I’ve spent so much time learning to shoot in manual that I don’t really know how to use the auto or semi-auto settings on my camera.  I’m learning how to shoot in aperture priority because I find myself struggling to adjust my settings quickly enough outside and then missing out on cute photo opportunities.  I feel like I’m starting at the beginning learning to meter and photographing a constantly moving target.  (They sit relatively still when they are inside since they don’t have as much running room.)  It doesn’t help that the times they are awake are the worst times of the day to take photos outside with the sunlight being so harsh. 

Another new park today…this one is my favorite so far.  I can see both of the kids from everywhere I stand and the dog has plenty of space to explore and I can keep her secured without causing other people problems.  The kids really loved it too…tons of fun little ‘stations’ for them to explore and lots of equipment to play on.  The park was pretty busy, but you could barely tell because there was enough room to run and play for everyone.

I’ve noticed that my style is more ‘fill the frame’ and close-ups of my children.  I love to have their faces fill up the entire photo and everything else disappear.  Part of learning more about photography, however, is pushing myself to do things I don’t ordinarily do.  I’m working on wide angle, or at least getting more in the photo than just my children.  I feel like it gives a different perspective to the photo.  I realized this when I took the picture of Cooper standing near the tree and he looked so tiny.

My normal style – fill the frame.  She looks fantastic, but you can’t tell what she’s sitting in.


My first attempt at zooming out.  I realized that I was still zoomed too close, plus I didn’t like how I framed the photo.  DSC_0611_edit_wm

Not quite perfect framing, but I love that you can tell what they are standing in.  I wish they had both been looking at me, but I love how it seems like Cooper is driving, while Charlotte is getting off the fire truck.  Metering this type of photo is very challenging.DSC_0594_edit_wm

I wasn’t able to zoom in any closer because I was on the ground and they were at the top of the playground structure.  I like the feeling and color of this photo with the tunnel.DSC_0595_edit_wm


Joshua, Ambyr and Co. said...

I'm loving the tunnel picture too! The colors are great!

honeydew1894 said...

I just have to tell you that your children are beautiful, and you do an amazing job capturing them on film. You are a very talented lady!

Salina said...

Thank you! I think I'm slowly figuring out this whole photography thing.