Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 43: In the woods

We went to central park today.  I had never been to this particular part of central park and this was the first time the kids had been there as well.  I love central park because part of it is near the library, part of it is near the equestrian center, there are a lot of playgrounds, it has a dog park, a duck pond, and a frisbee golf course.  I feel like I discover something new every time I go there.

The only problem I have exploring new parks my lack of comfort in the new setting.  The kids want to run and explore, the dog goes crazy sniffing everything and I’m constantly trying to decide which child to go after and how to get the dog secured.  Add on top of this that I find it particularly challenging to take photos outside with the changing light, and I’m often disappointed with the number of pictures that are blurry or have distracting backgrounds.  I’ve also realized that I need a bigger camera bag so that I can carry both my prime and my zoom lens, since I would like to have my 50mm with me, but the zoom works better when I’m also trying to let the kids explore.


When we first arrived, Cooper went for the sand.  Notice his missing shoes already. DSC_0308_edit_wm

Charlotte went for the slides (and then the swings, but I quit taking pictures on the swings because of motion blur and we have a zillion pictures of her in the swings because it’s her favorite activity at the park.)


While Charlotte played on the playground, Cooper wandered off into the wooded area.


He desperately wants to be able to climb trees.  If it’s the right tree sometimes he can manage it.DSC_0329_edit_wm 

I like this picture because I was finally able to coax Charlotte over and it almost shows what I was dealing with for a good part of the afternoon.  One of them running one way and the other getting further and further away (usually Cooper).  DSC_0387_edit_wm

This photo reminds me of what I was seeing while they ran through the trees…they would sometimes disappear and then reappear as they ran between the trees.  This was as close as I came to capturing in a photo.DSC_0377_edit_wm

Then they found some bark and were completely fascinated with it.  I really love the texture in this photo, even though it’s a bit blurry.DSC_0392_edit_wm

Then Charlotte found a leaf…DSC_0402_edit_wm

And walked the leaf to…DSC_0405_edit_wm

The BBQ pit to cook it, I guess.DSC_0407_edit_wm

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Che said...

These are great! I just noticed that it seems Charlotte has gone through a little growth spurt she doesn't seem as little as she use to be. She's definately closing the gap a little between Cooper and herself.