Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 45: Pretend Road Trip

We went to another new park today in the harbor.  It has a a play area and then a little beach on the harbor.  We all went as a family as a little Valentine’s Day outing.  Although I chose this specific park to take my husband with, because there’s no way I can handle two children near water by myself.  I am so, so glad I did.

We had a bit of a mishap.  Cooper decided he didn’t want to hold hands anymore and pulled away from me.  He took two steps away from me in the water and down he went.  While holding my camera high above my head, I dove in to my waist and fished him out.  My heart has never beat so fast!  My husband was right there and almost took 2 steps in to get both of us but realized he had to keep Charlotte safe as well.

Cooper was a-okay, but decided he was done with the park.  Instead we took a pretend road trip.  Who knew the car was so interesting?  We didn’t really need to leave the house for them to enjoy the car.  We probably won’t go back to that park for awhile.

I like this one because it looks like they are teaming up to take a road trip.  She locks the doors, he checks the music, and they’re off!  I love that he’s the one driving, you know because he’s the one that can obviously reach the peddles.


I love Cooper’s stance in this one and Charlotte’s face is too adorable as she realizes she can see the sky through the sunroof.  (Notice my white balance all over the place.  I was changing it while taking pictures and can’t get them all post processed right.)

 DSC_0508_edit_wm DSC_0545_edit_wm

I took this one because it kind of captures the attitude where we live.  There’s also a dog that skateboards! (I wish I had a longer focal length lens and that I had been able to blur some of the background.  There’s so much going on it’s hard to make the dog the focus point, which was my intention.)


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