Monday, March 1, 2010

Edit Challenge

Practicing my editing skills again…this time by taking apart some of the actions.



I first brightened and added some contrast using curves (pulling up in the middle, and down slight on the bottom left).  Then I sharpened with a high pass filter and added a vignette with Pioneer Woman’s quick edge burn.  Then I added some cream and brown from Coffeeshop Creamy Chocolate B&W.  Then I added more warmth with Pioneer Woman’s warmth action (set with a lower opacity).  Then I ran Coffeeshop little perk at 8% opacity.    4400151474_d6422a338a_o_edit_soft

After all that, I ran my favorite action, heartland (modifying the edges just a bit).4400151474_d6422a338a_o_edit_heartland

1 comment:

Niffer said...

This would be an example of a photo that I think looks much much better in color. I don't really like the last one, but I love the middle version.