Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 69: Sunlight faces

We are getting more daylight in the evening and I’m loving the beautiful late afternoon sunshine we get right through our window.  It’s challenging to learn how to use and capture the light.  I am also still learning how my new lens responds.  It feels slow compared to my 50mm and my kit lens, and it’s definitely not as sharp as the 50mm, but not too far from the kit lens.  I really, really love the zoom capability and wide aperture combination.

Today I also edited a few of the photos a little different.  I wanted to play up the sunshine a bit so I modified Pioneer Woman’s Sunshine action.  I think they might be a little to yellow for my tastes, so I plan to keep working this style to see what I come up with.  I am in love with the style that Eye Candy actions provides, so I want to learn how to edit a little like that. 

She kept playing peek a boo around the chair and I loved her face and how the light was hitting her.DSC_1715_edit_wm 

This is my favorite face that Cooper makes.  He was trying to show his teeth like the characters in his Ice Age coloring book.  I was working on adjusting my settings, but didn’t want to miss this face.  It’s pretty blown and it’s not quite in focus, but I still love his adorable scrunchy nose.DSC_1732_edit_wm

I kind of liked the distortion on this one.  It’s also not quite in focus (this lens seems to be particularly sensitive to motion blur, something I don’t experience with my 50mm or my kit lens).DSC_1760_edit_wm

I really loved how she was sitting and how excited she was about the red crayon.    


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