Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 286: Day at the park

I am trying to squeeze in as many park days as I can before the weather changes.  The toughest thing about shooting outdoors for me since we are back in Colorado, has been the changing weather every few minutes.  It can go from sunny to overcast, or rainy in no time at all.  This makes it much more difficult for me to keep up with my settings.  I would switch to Av mode, but I often end up with underexposed photos.  I should probably learn how to do exposure lock.

This isn’t a great photo of Scout, but her lazy sitting cracks me up.  I wish I hadn’t cut off her paws with the brick wall.DSC_0251_edit_wm

Cooper was picking flowers for me.  The storm clouds were amazing.  The truck in the background is distracting and the photo is a little hot, but otherwise I really like the perspective.DSC_0304_edit_wm

Then he had to put the flowers in his pocket.  I wish I had moved away from him a bit since my 50mm put me a little close to him.DSC_0311_edit_wm

Playing on the teeter-totter.  DSC_0343_edit_wm

I loved the background here with the fall colors.  Charlotte didn’t want to cooperate though.DSC_0262_edit_wm

They loved this little cage thing.  I love Cooper’s little pig nose.      DSC_0334_edit_wm DSC_0331_edit_wm

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