Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 273: Last days of summer

Now that we are living back in Colorado I’m realizing that the kids won’t get to play outside year round.  Since it was fairly warm outside, I decided to let them play in the water.  (Remember that I am still posting about a month behind, so these were at the end of September.)

Who knew ziplock bags and water could be such fun?

DSC_0014_edit_wm Charlotte de cided to douse Cooper.DSC_0024_edit_wm

Who was none too happy about it.


Until I reminded him that he had a bag full of water that he could dump on her.  Turns out she loves it!DSC_0027_edit_wm

Scout even had to lay out and enjoy the sunshine with us. I can’t quit figure out how to truly get her to stay while I move back and then get her to look at me.  I say ‘stay’, then when I call her name to have her look at the camera, she comes close to me and I chop her paws off.DSC_0037_edit_wm DSC_0044_edit_wm

Then Charlotte wanted a close up while I was laying on the ground shooting Scout.  I love these photos.  Still my little Tarzan babyDSC_0054_edit_wm DSC_0050_edit_wm

Then they decided it was time to get warm.DSC_0068_edit

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