Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 260: Look, the moon!

The kids are suddenly fascinated with the moon.  I don’t remember teaching them about the moon, but we must have at some point.

I love this one because they are both saying moon and looking up.DSC_9761_edit_wm

I like this one too because they are making the same motion, but looking at me.DSC_9762_edit_wm

And this one is so cute because you can really tell how much they love their playground.DSC_9771_edit_wm


Niffer said...

I love these too. Both my children were fascinated with the moon at a young age. For a long time, around 12 months, Ellie's favorite song was "Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon, you're out too soon. The sun is still in the sky. So go back to bed and cover up your head and wait 'til the day goes by." She still sings it every time she sees the moon during the day time and laughs about how silly the moon is being. Addie recently started pointing at the moon all the time. She seems to be following in Ellie's footsteps in that regard.

Jen said...

How funny! I just posted about Jae and her moon obsession!