Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 135: Railroad Museum

Charlotte has been loving trains these days.  Since I can’t really run after them at a park with my air cast on and I love taking them to see new things we visited the railroad museum about 40 minutes away.  We were the only visitors and the entire museum is gated, so it made it easy to let them run and explore.  Charlotte kept saying cheh-cheh, WOW and then squealing. 

It was a super fun day.  The only tough part was the lack of space to back up and get everything I wanted in frame.  I ended up with much more cropped photos than I would prefer to start with.   I also couldn’t quite get into position to get down at their level the way I wanted (darn cast/boot!), plus they were so enthralled with everything they didn’t stay still for long. 

DSC_6449_edit_wm   DSC_6428_edit_bw_wm

DSC_6434_edit_wm DSC_6433_Edit_Wm  DSC_6344_edit_WmDSC_6438_Edit_wm   DSC_6436_edit_Wm  DSC_6381_edit_bw grunge DSC_6391_edit_Wm DSC_6396_Edit_wm DSC_6397_edit_wm DSC_6404_Edit_wm DSC_6406_edit_bw_wm DSC_6418_edit_bw_wm  DSC_6354_edit_wm DSC_6375_edit_wm DSC_6440_edit_wm DSC_6486_edit_wm DSC_6491_edit_wm


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Niffer said...

I really like these pictures! The rustic feel is perfect.