Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 120: Walt Disney

Cooper and Charlotte are both learning about Disney and starting to love all the classic Disney characters.  I got this old book from my sister when she went to a big book sale where she was able to buy a bag of books for very little money. 

I’ve also been working on how to do acceptable limb chops.  I fell like I’ve finally learned to pay attention and not limb chop (as long as I have the right lens on my camera).  Now I want to get better and showing a part of the body without it looking like a headless person or a floating arm.  This is turning out to be hard for me!



And these two I just liked because it shows their silly personalities.  I had my 50mm on my camera (because I really do love that lens), so I did some limb chopping in these, plus ended up with some flashy photos.  I all of sudden have forgotten how to take photos indoors with my speedlight after taking so many photos outdoors.

Charlotte shut the door and her dress got stuck in the door.  She thought it was so funny and then pulled away  and spun around laughing.  I was laying on the floor and Cooper was jumping on the bed being silly.


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