Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 138: Fixing mommy’s foot

As I have mentioned I have peroneal tendonitis in my right ankle.  I have to wear an air cast/walking boot for 4 weeks to keep my ankle immobilized while it heals.  The kids have been fascinated with it and LOVE the undoing all the velcro.  They also like sticking things up the boot by my foot and tickling my toes.  Today they decided to ‘fix’ my boot. (Yeah not easy to take a photo of my own foot while balancing and trying to get everything frame that I wanted, while leaving out the things I didn’t want.)


Today they also wanted to wear underwear all day over their diapers and under their clothes.  They won’t wear just underwear and they seem to have lost interest in potty training, but they sure do love their ‘cheh-cheh’ and ‘menneeee’ undies.  I don’t think I’ll ever get Charlotte into girlie underwear unless Disney makes girl Handy Manny or train undies.DSC_6644_edit_wm

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