Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 137: Phone Holster

Toddler version of a phone holster. DSC_6625_edit_wm DSC_6630_edit_wm

I took the day off to take care of some errands and appointments.  I never get to see Charlotte leave for therapy with her little backpack.  She is oh. so. cute.

DSC_6636_edit_wm  DSC_6639_edit_wm


Niffer said...

Little kids in backpacks are ADORABLE!!! I need to get one for Ellie.

Tamara said...

LOL @ the phone holster pics! Charlotte does look adorable with her backpack, what a big girl! If you don't mind a reader asking, what does she attend therapy for? And if you mind just don't answer, I'll understand.

Salina said...

@Tamara - Charlotte has several developmental delays and gets therapy for all of them: occupational, behavioral, social, emotional, speech, and physical.

Michelle H said...

Too cute - remind me not to mix up your Blackberry with mine~!!!