Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

I participated in an photo scavenger hunt this week.  Here are my results

1.  Workspace.  View from my office window, taken with my cell phone cameraoffice view_edit_wm

2.  In my purse.  When you become a mom these are the things in your purse.  I forgot to take the cars out of my purse after a trip to the grocery store, so I took advantage of the scavenge hunt and set up a ‘photo shoot’.DSC_6537_edit_wm

3.  Ray of Sunshine.  Catching the last little bit of light coming through the window and enjoying a glass of wine.  I love watching the light at this time of day because the leaves from the palm trees dance in the wind which makes for a beautiful show on my wall.  (A little grainy because I had to bump the ISO way up to avoid using a flash so I could get the sunshine.)DSC_6528_edit_wm

4.  Stairs.  Cooper being oh, so proud of his ability to bypass the baby gate.DSC_6127_edit_wm

5.  Something with the name of the state I live in.  This is particularly fitting since I work for an oil company.  An old Union Oil Company of California (Unocal) oil tanker at the railroad museum.DSC_6475_edit_wm

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Che said...

I love this idea.. I wanna do one :) Sounds creative, and fun! Great job too!