Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 132: Personal Hygiene

The kids are all about being like mommy and daddy these days.  Today they wanted to shave and put deodorant on so I indulged them.  My husband doesn’t let them do these sorts of things partly because messes stresses him out and partly because he has to pick up after them so often during the day.  I like to sit back and just enjoy watching them go to town.  It’s easy enough to clean up, right?

The white balance is all over on these.  I had the vanity lights on, plus I bounced my flash off a beige wall.  I didn’t really try very hard to fix the white balance…some are blue, some are green, some are yellow, some are red.  Oh well!

I don’t think I ever realized how hard it is to take photos in a mirror!  It’s hard to decide what you want to focus on, the subject or the reflection.  It’s also hard to get the right angle and keep yourself out of the photo.  Something to practice.

Running water to get started.DSC_6175_edit_wm 

Lathering up.DSC_6178_edit_wm DSC_6182_edit_wm


Deodorant time!DSC_6190_edit_wm DSC_6194_edit_wm

Yes, he’s putting it on his lips like chapstickDSC_6198_edit_Wm

Now onto his cheeksDSC_6199_edit

Then under his nose…I guess he had to make sure it smells okay?DSC_6200_edit_Wm

Then he colored on the mirror with it while Charlotte tried to rinse his face.DSC_6204_edit_wm 

(I’m a day behind on posting, but I’ll try to catch up tomorrow.)


Kristen said...

how cute!!! Your husband sounds like mine :/ He hates messes! Kids have to be kids, right?! ;-)

Niffer said...

I really like mirror pictures. More of them, please. =)

Tamara said...

What a fun photo shoot, you seriously are one cool mom! I love Charlotte's smile/laugh in the last picture, it shows just how truly happy your children are and it's beautiful to see.