Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 127: May I have a tissue (or twenty) please?

Cooper took out all of the tissues out of the box.  Charlotte does the same thing with the wipes.  It must be like magic to them that another item shows up every time they take one away.  Rather than correct their behavior, I grabbed my camera.  It’s only tissue, right?

First Charlotte is showing me the tissue from the giant pile of tissues.DSC_5982_edit_wm

Then they started throwing them all over. (I wish I would have gotten Charlotte in this shot.)DSC_5983_edit_wm

Then Cooper makes elephant ears (at least that’s my guess…I have no idea what he was actually doing).


Then we asked them to put the tissues back in the box.  Charlotte started helping, but then Cooper freaked out and wanted to do it all by himself.

DSC_5987_edit_wm DSC_5989_Edit_Wm DSC_5990_edit_Wm

SWITCH Topics!

I made mashed sweet potatoes with dinner tonight and they love having the beaters.  Charlotte had to show me her beater, while Cooper thoroughly enjoyed eating his and making a mess!DSC_5995_edit_wm DSC_5997_edit_Wm  DSC_5999_edit_wm DSC_5996_edit_wm

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Niffer said...

First - I still can't get over how much Cooper looks like Christ. It's adorable.

Second - I also am constantly gawking at how beautiful Charlotte's hair always is. Gorgeous!