Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 142: Toddler Beds

We made the switch to toddler beds.  Cooper mastered climbing out of his crib, so it became a safety issue.  We figured we might as well do both of them at the same time, especially since Charlotte seems mature enough to handle it (not sure I can say the same for Cooper).  My husband insisted we get fun beds for them, so we found some good deals on Craigslist.  I have to admit, I’m really glad we got them cute, fun beds.  When else will they have something like this?  The kids couldn’t get enough and loved playing on them before bedtime.

(I didn’t spend much time working on getting the best photos for these.  I spent a lot of my energy getting good photos for my scavenger hunt this week.)

DSC_6827_edit_wmDSC_6820_edit_WmDSC_6812_Edit_wm  DSC_6815_Edit_wm

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Niffer said...

Those beds are SUPER cute!