Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 143: In my shadow

Because I can’t really crouch down, it has forced me to be a little more creative in taking photos.  This is my favorite photo from today.DSC_6881_edit_wm

I also loved how they played peek-a-boo around the multiplication table.  DSC_6897_edit_Wm DSC_6898_edit_wm

Crazy cool clouds.  We rarely have puffy clouds like these since we are so close to the beach.DSC_6908_edit_wm

I still had my camera set from outside and my husband used it to snap a few while I was napping.  He was worried because they were so dark and Cooper wasn’t patient enough to wait for him to change any settings.  Luckily photoshop can do quite a bit.  Here are some before and afters.  My just did a white balance adjustment in levels, increased exposure in curves, and then reduced the noise with a noise filter.  Not perfect by any means, but salvageable.  (These are the decor items that came with Cooper’s bed.)DSC_6916 DSC_6917 DSC_6916_edit_wm DSC_6917_edit_Wm


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Jen said...

Great shots! I have a blog award for you!