Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 122: Washing hands at the zoo

No naps today.  Not exactly the best idea to take them to the zoo…but we had fun anyhow.  Today they learned they could wash their hands at the zoo in the big ‘trough’.  They didn’t actually pet any of the animals before doing their hand washing, but they insisted on doing so before and after their snack.DSC_5757_edit_wm DSC_5765_edit_wm DSC_5769_edit_wm

(I really wish my husband had not stepped into the frame when I took this.)

And I downloaded the CS5 trial mostly because I’ve been dying to try the Content Aware Fill tool.  So far, it hasn’t lived up to the sneak previews of the tool.  Maybe it’s just that I haven’t figured out the art of it (like I have with cloning/healing tools).  I still haven’t figured out all the bells and whistles on CS4, so I’m not sure I will be upgrading, but it’s fun to play with anyhow!

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