Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 151: Discovery Science Center

I wish I could say I learned a lot about photography today by shooting in the worst conditions I’ve ever tried, but I can’t.  I barely got any photos worth saving.  We went to the Discovery Science Center today and here is what I learned:

  • If you have two mobile kids, you need two able bodied adults.  I am glad I never tried this alone, and next time I’ll wait until I’m out of my air cast/walking boot.
  • This center is geared for children older than 5.  That should be well advertised.
  • Leave the camera at home.  It’s impossible to get good shots with running toddlers, little to no lighting, and colored walls.  I shot wide open at f/1.8, ISO 1600, and shutter speed 1/100, and I still was horribly underexposed.  (I guess I could have used my flash, but honestly I don’t even know how to turn the onboard flash on I hate it that much.)
  • I now know the panic feeling of losing your child in a crowd, thanks to Cooper.  That kid disappears in an instant.  I finally see why people use those kid leashes (although I still refuse to use them).
  • I also know the panic of hockey pucks flying at my 2 yr old who isn’t wearing any padding and how I think nothing of the danger to myself in order to prevent my son from getting hurt.  I think they should just have some helmets to try on for the younger kids…it would prevent this safety hazard.  (There was a ‘goalie exhibit’ where you got to put on pads and a helmet and ‘save’ pucks that fly out of the wall.  Cooper was obsessed with trying to get a helmet.)
  • The gift store was the most exciting part about our visit, according to the kids.
  • Lollipops in the car = one stressed out mama!

Charlotte looking up through this tunnel thing.  I love the expression on her face.  This photo was nearly unsalvageable.  You can see Ashley’s attempt at an edit here, which I like better than my own edit.DSC_7206_edit_wm

Cooper learning about what comes out of his ‘no’ (nose).DSC_7224_edit_wm

Throwing balls.  Charlotte gravitated to all the ball exhibits, while Cooper just ran all over and disappeared over and over.DSC_7234_edit_wm   DSC_7247_edit_wm DSC_7251_edit_wm

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Ashley Sisk said...

I got your message...I am going to do my best to salvage the first photo!