Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

I have to say that I LOVE doing these scavenger hunts.  They are teaching me quite a bit about my camera, as well as how to compose a shot.  Plus I get to be creative and not worry about capturing a moment, but rather creating a moment.  I still prefer photographing my children and other people, but these hunts get me out of my comfort zone and that’s where I’m learning a lot.

1.  Pair of Shoes:  My favorite pair in my closet.  There is something about the look, color (burgundy and very dark red) and material (patent leather and a strip of velvet) of these shoes that seem to go with so many things.  It helps that they are super comfortable and the only pair of heels that I can wear for several hours without having pain.  This was particularly challenging for me to photograph because I didn’t know how to position the shoes!


2.  Something Purple:  Two beautiful flowers (lilies of some kind).  I loved the bright yellow/green in the center, combined with the water stained petals.DSC_6793_edit_Wm

3.  Construction:  Reflective traffic ‘Flex-poles’.  These were just sitting in someone’s driveway, so it made it easy to photograph.  I had the kids and the dog with me, so I was in kind of hurry and clipped the top of the pole.


4.  A Specific Texture:  Tree bark.  It never ceases to amaze me the beauty you can find in nature.   I loved how the split in the bark made a diamond.  I found that I decide if something has texture by whether or not I can convert it to an interesting black and white.  This one does okay, but there’s a lot of white and not enough black.DSC_6787_Edit_wm

5:  A Toy (child/pet/adult):  E.T. Phone Home.  My husband loves this ugly E.T. figurine, so I thought I would be a little silly and set up a group shot with E.T. and all the stuffed animals/dolls.DSC_6861_edit_wm


Kristen said...

great job! Love the flower picture :) I attempted to participate this week- but only got one picture! I guess that's a start, right?

Ashley Sisk said...

These are great shots. I love our new scavenger hunt too!