Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 121: Park Games and Starbucks

We went to a park today, but they just wanted to watch the high school boys play basketball and then run all over the green grass.  Basically do anything but actually play at the park.  Afterwards we went to Starbucks to have an afternoon snack.  This is something I started doing with them, usually on Sunday mornings after the park.  Cooper is obsessessed with matching all the Starbucks logos together in the store.  I never realized how many times that logo is placed in the store until my 2 year old son pointed ALL of them out to me.

Watching basketball DSC_5616_edit_wm

He wanted his own bench away from Charlotte.DSC_5635_edit_Wm

Charlotte smelling the bench.  Toddlers are so strange sometimes.DSC_5632_edit_wm

Apparently it smells good.DSC_5633_edit_wm

Off they go!DSC_5648_edit_wm

Peek-a-boo picnic tableDSC_5658_edit_Wm

Flower photos

Focus on the frontDSC_5663_edit_wm Focus on the middleDSC_5664_edit_wm

Bizarre flowering tree.


Famished.  (These were taken inside Starbucks with no flash!  I only had my mid range zoom stopped down to f/2.8 and a 1/100 shutter speed with ISO set at 800.  I had to do some post processing to lighten them and warm them, but I’m impressed they turned out okay with no flash!)DSC_5689_edit_wm  DSC_5688_edit_wm

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