Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blog Award

Jen at 525,600 minutes and Ashley at Ramblings and Photos gave me the Trendy Blog Award.  I love reading Jen’s blog because she takes some beautiful photos of her daughter, Jae, and I love to see what Jae is doing every day.  Ashley has a unique talent for applying texture and creative editing to other people’s photos.  I love seeing her processing steps and before and afters.  (She did an edit for me on a photo I loved of Cooper.)



Here's how the award works:

  • To receive this award, promise to share this with 10 other BLOGS that you think are Trendy too.
  • Post about your award in your blog. List your Top 10 Trendy Blogs. Share with them.
  • Leave a link to the Trendy Blog Button. Tell them they need to give this award out to 10 as well.

Here are the 10 blogs I think are trendy:

  1. The Great Umbrella Heist (Whenever I feel like I have my hands full with my two, I read this blog and it puts things in perspective.  Besides how cute are her identical triplet girls??)
  2. Pyjammy’s Blog (Same thing, this blog reminds me that having two is still easier than three.  And again, her identical triplet boys are super cute.)
  3. Barbara’s 2010 Photography Blog (I am so inspired by her photos of landscapes, nature and inanimate objects.  Her blog has helped me take photos for the scavenger hunts.)
  4. Michele’s Photography Blog (Her flower macros are simply breathtaking.  I feel so relaxed whenever I look at her blog.)
  5. Domestic Photographic (I just feel a little connected to her and I can pinpoint why.  I see her on all the same mommy community boards I frequent, plus I think she lives relatively close to me, and she is also learning more about photography.  I just feel like I know her a little bit, an e-friend I guess you could say.)
  6. My Take on Photography (She has an amazing eye for photography.  All of her photos of her children just make me respond in a very motherly, emotional way.  Plus I love the bunny shots.)
  7. Peace, Love & Bunny Rabbit (Same blogger as #6, but this blog is about the adventures of Fred, the bunny.  I had no idea bunnies could be pets so similar to dogs or cats.  I love her header and footer.)
  8. Sweet Birdie (She takes some beautiful photos, plus she is wildly talented at making children’s clothing.)
  9. Modern Messy Mama (I can use all the help I can get when it comes to organization.)
  10. Life Through My Camera Lens (A classmate from college…another engineer with a creative side!)

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