Sunday, May 30, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

Accessory:  My favorite earrings—pearls from my husband.  (Self portraits are hard!)DSC_7160_edit_wm

Stack of books:  A few of my favorites sitting on my bookshelf.  The butterfly in the background is an ad from a magazine, and I loved the way it looked so I cut it out and framed it.  DSC_7170_edit_wm

Water:  The fountain from trip with the kids.  I was happy to know that I understand shutter speed and capturing motion.DSC_7129_edit_wm

Street Sign:  Driving back home from the park.  It’s a beautiful day today with super clear skies and the ocean looks amazing!  I had to take this on auto while I was stopped at a red light.DSC_7198_edit_wm

There aren’t very many traditional mail boxes in our city.  Most mail boxes are just holes in the wall or door at someone’s house.  We live in the free standing townhome facing the street, but there are two more units behind us.  The mail box is attached to our house.  Did you know mail boxes have to be approved by the US Postal Service?  It says so right on the mailbox!


You can also check out Ramblings and Photos, the mind of mrs. magoo, and out to wonderland for their take on the assignment.

If you want to participate, here is the challenge for this coming week.  I’ll post my results on Sunday and try to link to others who are participating.

  1. Morning Routine
  2. Welcome
  3. Sculpture
  4. School Memorabilia
  5. Blue


Ashley Sisk said...

I love them all and I love how you incorporated a self portrait. Nice work.

mrs.magoo said...

Excellent!! I think the earring and mailbox are my faves :) Awesome job! I have to get in gear and post mine

janineb said...

great choice! I especially love the waterfall.

Niffer said...

I LOVE the self portrait. That's a great photo.

Ashley Sisk said...

Hey Salina - I had a request on my blog for the site hosting the scavenger hunt. I wonder if this type of thing would be open to a McLinky like other sites do. We can call it Scavenger Hunt Sunday and open it to others. Just an idea, we can talk about it.