Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 125: Sippy Cup Stoppers

We continue to try to teach the kids how to drink from regular cups (I’m so over the cleaning of sippy cups).  They continue to think it’s play time.  We’ve been trying to at least just remove the stopper valves from the sippy cups (since that’s the part I hate anyhow), but they still think it’s play time!  It made for good photos tonight.

(I have to say that I’m in a funk with taking photos.  I’m just not up for thinking about composition, exposure, or focus.  And then I’m also not up for editing lately either.  I feel like I’ve taken photos of my kids doing everything under the sun and I have another 240 days to go!  Please tell me you’re not as bored as I am.)

They dumped the water out on the coffee table and then tried to drink it.DSC_5843_edit_Wm

Then tried to splash me with it. DSC_5845_edit_wm

Oh goodness, I LOVE her expression here.DSC_5846_Edit_Wm

Check out Charlotte’s acrobatics!DSC_5853_edit_wm

Then they stood on the coffee table and splashed in it (I actually like this purposeful limb chop…except I wish I had Charlotte’s other hand in the photo).DSC_5872_edit_wm

Then squatted in it.  (I love Charlotte’s look here because it shows her mimicking Cooper.  We are working with her to teach her how to mimic her peers and she is finally starting to do it without prompting from us.) DSC_5869_edit_wm

And finally Charlotte finished dumping the water out while Cooper was kind enough to clean up for me.DSC_5888_Edit_wm


Tamara said...

What a fun series of photos, and you're a fun mama for letting them do it! I love Cooper's shorts and Charlotte's shirt is darling.

Joshua, Ambyr and Co. said...

I'm not bored:)

Niffer said...

I love the one with Charlotte on the table. It's a great action shot.

I'm not bored either but I don't blame you for not feeling inspired. I was wondering when that might happen. I love your daily photos, even the ones that you may consider imperfect, though I admit that I love this blog more for the stories that go with the photos than the composition of them. There are certainly some beautiful photos, but there's more to this blog than that.

Maybe some ideas of things to take photos of might help you? Is there something your readers can do to help you get out of this funk?

Niffer said...

I forgot to say... I think it's funny that you specifically mentioned the sippy cup stoppers. We never used them. At the time we couldn't get Ellie to suck hard enough to get any liquids. So we took them out. It so happened that she loved chewing on them and we joked about how her favorite toy was such a choking hazard.