Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 128: Hair pulling

Charlotte wasn’t in the mood for pictures today.  She tried laying in my lap to avoid getting a picture, but I took one anyhow.


Then she threw a fit because I took a picture, so I took another picture.DSC_6025_edit_wm

Cooper and daddy were playing.  These photos crack me up.DSC_6007_edit_wm DSC_6008_edit_wm


Robyn{Lee} said...

Oh how cute! : ) My kids do the same thing : ) Happy Mothers Day!

Niffer said...

Oh do I recognize the "DON'T TAKE A PICTURE!" look on Charlotte's face! Ellie gives the same look and the same tantrums at times when she and I disagree on whether pictures should be taken.

LOVE the pictures of Cooper and Chris. They're fantastic.