Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 134: Diaper box – the best non-toy toy & Lil’ American Idols

They love diaper boxes.  They use them as cars:DSC_6315_Edit_Wm

As helmetsDSC_6323_edit_wm

And like to push each other around in them (don’t mind the weird crop…I’m still fairly immobilized because of peroneal tendonitis, so I can’t really work on shooting from the right angle very well).


And here is why we have to make sure we have two of everything. 

Cooper yelling ‘MINE’DSC_6307_edit_wm

And attempting to take it by force when Charlotte won’t share.DSC_6309_edit_Wm

On my family blog here was a post I labeled American Idol 2024: 

Cooper and Charlotte LOVE American Idol.  LOVE it.  Cooper’s favorite singers are Casey and Crystal (especially when they play the guitar).  Charlotte LOVES Casey…swoons over him, to the point that my husband gives her the side eye since she’s only two and all.

Guess what we’ve noticed lately?  They are using the brooms/mops as their microphone stands and singing!  It’s oh. so. cute.   American Idol 2024 contestants?  (If only Cooper wasn’t doomed with poor singing genes from both Chris and I, who are tone deaf.)

I was finally able to get some pictures of them singing!DSC_6328_edit_wm

 DSC_6329_edit_wm DSC_6332_edit_wm DSC_6333_edit_wm


MrsXoxo1598 said...

those are super cute pics Salina!!! love them in their "car" and singing on-stage. super super cute!

Domestic Photographic said...

I really love your photos. I have a question for you--how do you manage to get such good pictures "in the moment?" I feel like a lot of mine are kinda posed, but I'm not sure how to capture candids without them just looking like crap. Thoughts?

Niffer said...

I love the American Idol pictures. You should get it on video!!!