Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 130: Parents can’t be choosers

I’ve learned very quickly that with two toddlers I don’t get a choice anymore.  What they wear, how much they eat, when bath time is over, what book we read before bed, and the list goes on.  Parents of 2 years olds can’t be choosers.

Case in point:  Cooper’s choice for pajamas.  I finally wrestled some Handy Manny pj’s on him, for which he threw a complete fit about.  He’s still wearing the underwear over his diaper.


Some other cute photos:

Baby gates are useless now.  Cooper knows how to lift the handle and move them or if he’s not up to the challenge, he just climbs through the stair rails.

DSC_6129_edit_wm DSC_6130_edit_wm DSC_6131_edit_wm DSC_6132_edit_Wm


Looking for momma’s car


Bedtime (for play anyhow) is in our bed with BOTH Laugh and Learn puppies.DSC_6093_Edit_wm

Too cute loving her doggyDSC_6113_edit_wm

On a photography note, I am trying to work on getting better using my speedlight.  I know how I like to bounce it, but I can’t ever get the power set right for the settings I’m using, which means I get very flashy photos, or underexposed, or blotchy lighting.  I need to spend some time reading the manual and find some tutorials online. 

I also seem to be missing my focus a lot lately, but I think that’s because I’m not really trying.  There are two ways to use my focus points – center focus lock and recompose, or toggle my focus points.  I find when I try to recompose I don’t hold the camera still and end up up with blurry photos from camera shake.  When I toggle I sometimes miss the shot because I can’t toggle fast enough.  I think I’m going to set the function button to be my toggle when I spin the wheel to hopefully be able to toggle faster.  Now I just have to figure out how to program the function button.

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