Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 311, Part 4: Trick or Treating!

Finally I am getting to actual trick or treating!  This year was so, so much fun!  It’s this kind of stuff that makes parenting so worth it. 

Cooper completely changed his mind for his costume, which was super cute because he was really choosing something he wanted, rather than copying Charlotte.  First he decided to try out Charlotte’s pink monster costume.  He thought it was so silly.  He finally decided to be the dragon and LOVED it!


Right before they left.  I only got 2 photos off before they ran away.DSC_1060_edit_wm

They were so, so cute this year.  They would walk up to house and say ‘cool house!’, then say ‘tick or tweet, moe tandy peeze’.  Then they would say ‘tank you, night, night!’.  It was adorable.  I was so glad my dad and mother-in-law got to join in the fun.DSC_1074_edit_wmDSC_1075_edit_wmDSC_1067_edit_wm

Since is was almost bedtime we limited the candy to 2 pieces a kid.  They enjoyed it, but were pooped after walking over 2 blocks for trick or treating.DSC_1079_edit_wmDSC_1081_edit_wmDSC_1083_edit_wm

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Niffer said...

I LOVE Halloween! I definitely think it's one of the best days for parents. The kids are so darn adorable. I'm glad this year went so well for you and I'm glad that Cooper changed his costume.