Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 294, Part 1: Practice at the park

A friend asked me take some photos for her daughter’s 2 year pictures, since she loved the photos I took back in April.  I went to a new park another friend told me about to see if it might work.  Besides being a really cool park for the kids, there are tons of photo spots.  I had a lot of fun, but it’s a big park and Cooper was in full exploration mode, while Charlotte just wanted to sit and focus on playing.  Here are the tons of photos, to help make up for the missed days!

She wanted off the horse, but I couldn’t resist getting a photo of her like this.DSC_0541_edit_wm

I love the smile on her face and I haven’t done many vintage edits lately…I think I’m liking clean edits right now.DSC_0542_edit_wmDSC_0552_edit_wm

I struggled to get the exposure right on this because of the backlighting.  He was so proud of himself that I was at the bottom of the ladder and he was at the top.DSC_0562_edit_wm

Haha, love his crossed arms!  And of course the fall colors!DSC_0569_edit_wm

Running away from mommy.DSC_0578_edit_wm 

A bit blown, but I thought this climbing bridge made for an interesting photo.DSC_0582_edit_wm DSC_0586_edit_wmDSC_0589_edit_wm DSC_0592_edit_wm

I love this one.DSC_0606_edit_wm

This one is great too because they are faced in opposite directions.DSC_0607_edit_wm

Check out the giant hand!  There are two of them ‘holding up’ a rock.  Makes for great photos!DSC_0610_edit_wm  DSC_0612_edit_wm

Charlotte played in the sandbox with other kids’ toys for at least 20 minutes.  Check out the giant globe in the background!DSC_0622_edit_wm

There was a cool faux tree that Cooper loved climbing, until he got stuck.DSC_0645_edit_wm DSC_0652_edit 

Large open green area and a great fence to use for photos as well.DSC_0657_edit_wm

I couldn’t get this photo edited the way I wanted at all.  This is a bit too warm and contrasty for my tastes, and the backlighting created too much of a glow on him.  There were other people playing catch with a baseball and gloves, so Cooper was letting them know he wanted join in.DSC_0660_edit_wm

He loved being under the bridge more than on the bridge.  Charlotte kept saying ‘scaiwed’ (scared).DSC_0680_edit_wm

He was telling me to listen for the crickets.DSC_0685_edit_wm  

Charlotte sat on this drain while Cooper ran around under the bridge.  So cute!DSC_0691_edit_wm DSC_0694_edit_wm DSC_0701_edit_wm


Jen said...

These are great! It looks like a very fun park. I am stuck on clean edits right now too. Occasionally I do something different, but not much more anymore!

Amber said...

that park is awesome! Do you happen to know what it's called?