Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 95: Visit with a friend

I went to Colorado to visit with one of my best friends for my 30th birthday.  Her house is beautiful and has amazing light, her cat is super friendly and doesn’t care that I’m allergic, she has a huge backyard, and her daughter Ryan has the most soulful, beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen.  Such a great visit!!!

Nothing says spring like tulips.DSC_3857_edit_wm

Zeke the cat looking super regal and keeping me company while reading a book in ‘my room’.DSC_3840_edit_wm DSC_3845_edit_wm

Picture perfect brightDSC_3928_edit_bright




Black and white DSC_3928_edit_bw_wm

Hands and feetDSC_4006_edit_wm

Fun with daddyDSC_4028_edit_wm


And the many faces of Ryan (these all have similar edits, but they aren’t exact now that I see them all together…I’ll have to go back and try to get them right.)

DSC_4066_edit_wmDSC_4043_edit_wm DSC_4062_edit_wmDSC_4047_edit_wmDSC_4057_edit_wmDSC_4061_edit_wm

And for the slideshow:

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Niffer said...

I love the name Ryan for a girl. My husband and I always thought we'd name our daughter(s) with boy names. We thought that all the way up until I got pregnant with each. We liked Ryan and Alex for girl's names.