Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 108: Surprise Visit

My dad came in to town for a surprise 2 day visit.  Since he sends the kids videos on youtube of himself, they already know their ‘Bpaw-Bpaw’.  They weren’t up for pictures however, so I decided to take these not so great photos and have fun exploring some edits.  I did some modifications on PW’s Vintage action.

DSC_4825_edit_wm DSC_4840_edit_wm

Cooper has some big shoes to fill (daddy’s)DSC_4836_edit_wm

1 comment:

Che said...

Love the edit you chose, especially with grandpa's beard, it fit perfectly :) HEE HEE.

Gosh you guys have had a lot of visiters in the last month. What are the kids going to do when they don't have someone coming to stay with them. HA HA!