Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 93: Dying Easter Eggs

Dying eggs was much cleaner this year than last year.  We used whisks to keep the eggs in and make it easier to dye.  However, than didn’t stop either of them from crushing the eggs.  Surprisingly, Charlotte was the roughest with them!

DSC_3699_edit_wm DSC_3719_edit_wm DSC_3715_Edit_wm

Cooper was very interested in what Charlotte was doing and kept one eye on her and one eye on his own eggs.DSC_3726_edit_wm DSC_3734_edit_wm DSC_3704_edit_wm

Apparently the vinegar is quite strong smelling.DSC_3727_edit_wm DSC_3739_edit_wm DSC_3740_edit

Last year we used the bathtub (taken with Pentax DSLR, onboard flash, auto setting): IMGP0917_edit2_WmIMGP0921_edit_wmIMGP0920_edit_wmIMGP0924_edit_wm

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Melissa said...

I love your pictures. The babies dying eggs in the bathtub, brilliant!!!! I hope your family has a wonderful Easter.