Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 101, Part 2: Cooper’s 2nd Birthday Party!

We had a car themed party for Cooper.  I think he had a lot of fun.  There were a lot of friends and children this year, and it was great to have Gigi here.  Thank you to my friend Caren for taking lots of photos.  Most of these are hers, but with my edits.  Only a couple are mine.

We made goodie boxes with crayons, notebooks, a Hotwheels car, car fruit snacks and car tattoos.  I made candy cars for favors by gluing mini Reese’s onto a box of dots for wheels and then a miniature candy bar for the spoiler.  I loved how they turned out!

IMG_8077_edit_wm IMG_8097_edit_wm     IMG_8085_edit_wm      IMG_8086_edit_wm

IMG_8075_edit_wm         IMG_8168_edit_wm 


The food.  We got 2 cakes, a 6 layer vanilla and butter cream for the kids and a coconut pineapple for the adults.  Yum! 

IMG_8079_edit   DSC_4306_edit_wm  IMG_8101_edit_wm   IMG_8113_edit_wm IMG_8114_edit_wm

We played ‘Pin the tire on the car’ game, which all of the toddlers LOVED.  (I made it using a piece of poster board, clipart cars and flags I blew up and printed out.  Then I found a clipart tire and used Photoshop to change the color of the hub cap so the kids could match the tire color to the car colors.  I used tape on the back of the tires so they could easily ‘pin’ the tires to the cars.)

IMG_8129_edit_wm IMG_8135_edit_wm IMG_8146_edit_wm 

We also played ‘Tire Toss’, with some light weight balls and and an inner tube you use in the pool.IMG_8147_edit_wm 

My friend Michelle came with her 6 month old twins Emily and Jacob, so we took a picture of the four of them.  At the last minute Charlotte decided she didn’t want to hold the baby.  I love how Cooper and Emily are looking at each other.


Emily had a melt down because of the noise and people, so Cooper comforted his ‘baby’ while Michelle comforted Emily.


Cooper actually blew out both of his candles this year!IMG_8201_edit_wm

Opening presents was fun with multiple toddlers!  I don’t think Cooper minded the help.IMG_8243_edit_wm

He was very excited about his doctor sets. And his ‘technology’ gifts.IMG_8264_edit_wm IMG_8348_edit_wm 

Caren’s daughter Cecily got a sandwich hug from Cooper and Charlotte before she left.  Such a great party!IMG_8358_edit_wm

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