Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Edit Challenge

On a photo forum I post and read on, someone posted a photo for an edit challenge.  It was an amazing photo to start with, but she wanted to see how others would interpret the photo.  I find it fun to edit someone else’s photos because it usually inspires me to try new things.  The one thing I didn’t do on these that is usually part of my base edits is add a vignette.  I’m trying to get out of my ‘standard’ routine and do things a little different.  Not easy when I have a preference for a certain style.

Originalhitching post

My base edit and crop (adjust white balance, exposure/fill light, warmed the photo, and popped the colors a bit by increasing the blacks).hitching post_edit

I took my base edit and did some other interpretations.  Here are my favorites.

Using a modified PW soft fade to make it feel a little more aged.hitching post_edit_softfaded 

Then taking the soft fade and running Nelly Nero’s Candy Floss, but modifying to my liking.  I like the sweetness this adds to the photo.  The only thing I don’t like is that the faces and hair get a little overexposed.hitching post_edit_softfadecandyfloss

Taking my base edit and running Nelly Nero Classic BW and modifying to my liking.  Again dealing with some overexposure in the hair and skin.hitching post_edit_bw

Then taking the Classic BW and adding Nelly Nero Lucky Dip with modifications to age the photo a little more and warm it up a bit.hitching post_edit_bw_old



Niffer said...

I love that photo. It makes me think of where I want to be in the future. I always told people that I would be married to a cute old man some day, and so when I met Michael I told him that the only way we could work out long-term was if he agreed to become a cute old man in the future. I'm going to hold him to his promise.

Ashley Sisk said...

Nice work Salina. It helps that the photo was pretty good to start with. I had hoped to post my results as well, but I ran out of time last night and had to fly out early this morning. Either way, I love it!