Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 91: Little People War

The kids have several Little People sets.  Now that they are pretending more often, Little People are very popular.  The farm and the airport are the most popular.  Cooper was so cute playing with the farm, but he wouldn’t look at me at all.  I had to kneel way down on the floor and I am NOT a fan of tilt, at all, but this was the only way for me to comfortably get the shot.  The tilt actually doesn’t bother me too much for this particular shot.

DSC_3613_edit_wm DSC_3614_edit_wm

Charlotte was so cute playing with the airport, until Cooper decided he wanted it.  Then it was all out war!DSC_3617_edit_wm

This is Cooper’s most sure fire way to get what he wants…pulling hair.  Either that or biting Charlotte’s hands.  He had to say sorry to Charlotte and then sit in timeout for 2 minutes.  Charlotte kept telling Cooper sorry…I guess I need to be a little more clear than “Say sorry.”DSC_3619_edit_wm

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