Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 107: In the garden

We went to two birthday parties today.  This busy month is almost over, thank goodness!

This is such a cute photo of Cooper.  It makes me want to go out and buy all different kinds of watering cans as ‘props’.  A few things with this photo….I hate how centered he is and how much the water fountain to the left is in the photo.  The original didn’t have that dreamy vintage look I wanted, but I still didn’t get it right with my edit.  What I’m envisioning in my head is close to this edit, but still not what I want.DSC_4759

DSC_4759_edit2_wm DSC_4804 DSC_4804_edit_wm


CHe said...

Love the watering can.. so vintage looking! I agree I think I can see it a little more glowy if tha makes any sense. Either way though I think the treatment you used looked great!

Our March is the same as your April, INSANE I feel you.

Wendy said...

Oh, I love what you did to the photos. I think it looks great :)