Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 116: Remote control cars

I had a great idea to let the kids burn off some energy at the school across the street and let them play with their remote control cars.  I didn’t plan it so well and one of the cars had dead batteries.  Plus there was soccer practice going on and lots of people out an about.  The kids were way too distracted.


This photo is far from perfect, but I love the light in her hair. DSC_5355_edit_wm

This is how I corral the kids when I’m by myself:  “Mommy’s going to get you!  Here I come!”  And off they go in the direction I want them to.  Sometimes if they run in opposite directions, I make them chase each other.  Seems to work every time.DSC_5385_edit_wm

Again practicing on non-human subjects, I have been completely fascinated with this tree that I pass when I go running in the evenings.  It’s like Christmas in the middle of spring.  I love the silhouette effect in the late evening with the amazing droopy flowered branches, but I obviously don’t have my camera  with me when I run.  I figured since I was there with the kids I could get some photos and I also learned how to do some backlighting.DSC_5375_edit_wmDSC_5374_edit_wm DSC_5371_edit_wm  DSC_5369_edit_wm DSC_5381_edit_Wm

And some random ducksDSC_5365_edit_wm

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Niffer said...

I love the last three pictures of the tree and I really liked how you described it as "Christmas in the middle of spring." It sounds like it's combining two of my favorite times of the year. Throw in some golden aspen leaves and you've got yourself a happy Niffer.