Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 106: Happy Birthday Daddy!

Toddler mischief leads to stolen cupcakes and improvised butter knives.

They decided their pretend saw would make a great butter knife.  My  husband left it out for me to get photos of.DSC_4726_edit_wm DSC_4727_edit

I bought me and my husband a cupcake to celebrate his birthday today.  The kids got on the counter, ripped open the box and began eating my chocolate cupcake.DSC_4724_edit_wm

Charlotte didn’t care that we took the cupcake away, she was just happy she got a taste of it!DSC_4722_edit_wm

Cooper on the other hand….DSC_4719_edit_wm DSC_4720_edit_Wm DSC_4721_edit_Wm

And a very happy birthday to my husband today!!  (Whew, we made it through the crazy birthday month!)DSC_4736_edit_wm

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Wendy said...

Hope your husband has a very happy birthday!

I've been a bit behind on blogs lately, so I looked at your last 5 posts or so. Love all of your pictures! Your kids look so cute and happy (except for the one where Cooper lost the cupcake!!) Thanks for sharing :)