Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 296, Part 2: Pumpkin Patch

We met some friends out at a pumpkin patch.  We had to drive over an hour to get there (so different than driving 10 min in CA), but we had a great time.  There were a lot of people there and this year the kids wanted nothing more than to run away from us.  I didn’t get as many photos as I wanted, and I didn’t take any of them picking out their pumpkins—darn!DSC_0836_edit_wm DSC_0783_edit_wm DSC_0793_edit_wm DSC_0806_edit_wm DSC_0800_edit_wm DSC_0813_edit_wm DSC_0822_edit_wm DSC_0820_edit_wm

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