Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Silly Valentines

Taken February 5, 2011

Continuation from this last post.  They are ridiculously cute and Cooper was a little ham that day.DSC_3204_edit_wmDSC_3176_edit_wmDSC_3172_edit_Wm

Forehead kisses…this is the way my husband kisses me in front of the kids.DSC_3177_edit_wm

And Charlotte’s reaction was too cute.DSC_3178_edit_wm

Now for Cooper’s turn.DSC_3179_edit_wm

He’s such a boy!DSC_3180_edit_wm

And more with the suckers!  They were hilarious.DSC_3207_edit_wmDSC_3209_edit_wmDSC_3241_edit_wm

I switched to a pink background because I was tired of the hearts.  Cooper makes the funniest faces.DSC_3276_edit_wm

And this one just tugs at my heart strings.DSC_3342_edit_wm


Niffer said...

These are fantastic! My favorites are the forehead kiss and the last one, but they're all so great! Don't you just love it when they both cooperate with the photos? It happens so rarely for us that when it does happen, I can't stop clicking away.

Jen said...

THese are adorable! Love the lips! They look like they had a lot of fun with these!


oh my word!
these are the cutest ever...LOVE them to the moon and back