Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 235 Part 1: Little Sports Stars

The one thing I have noticed in the last month is how much more the kids are playing and interacting with each other, rather than just taking part in the same activity.  I love watching them together.


Charlotte loves any sport with a ball.  She is very good at handling any type of ball and can dribble both a soccer ball and a basketball.  She is able to hit a golf ball with accuracy, and she can catch and throw very well.  She loves watching football with daddy.  We will probably put her in sports after she turns 3.DSC_9310_edit_wm Cooper loves balls too, but isn’t quite as coordinated as Charlotte.DSC_9303_edit_wm DSC_9304_edit_wm

DSC_9298_edit_wm DSC_9299_edit_wmDSC_9300_edit_wm   DSC_9293_edit_wm DSC_9290_edit_wm

I love this last picture of Charlotte.  I can’t quite say why, just something about it makes me want to go give her giant hug.

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