Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 229: First stitches

Of course things like this happen when you first move, do not have a doctor, the old insurance just expired 5 days ago, and you just signed up for new insurance.  The inspector warned us of the metal barrier that keeps the grass out of the rocks being a cutting hazard to feet and paws.  We had planned to cover the metal (they sell stuff to do it easily), but we’ve been so busy unpacking.

I was in the backyard with the kids while they played and I pulled weeds.  Charlotte started crying and yelling that she hurt her foot.  I assumed she stepped on a rock and told her to calm down and tell me where it hurts.  She just kept holding her foot.  I asked her to go sit on the patio until it feels better.  I was only about 15 seconds, and she seemed to be getting more hysterical yelling that ‘huts, huts’ (hurts, hurts).  Then I noticed that there was blood all over the patio and all over her hands!

I rushed over and checked out her foot and sure enough she had a deep gash.   After cleaning it up I decided it was one of those cuts that was deeper than I was comfortable with, but not quite deep enough to make me seriously worried so I took her to urgent care. 

They had to burrito wrap her in a big blanket and pin her legs in order to numb her foot.  She screamed and cried and begged to have me pick her up.  It was just awful.  Then they gave her 2 stitches and she cried again.  She at least told them about her dog ‘Towty’ who says ‘woo, woo’.  She said ‘chane choo’ (thank you) and ‘aw betta’ (all better) when I could finally pick her up.

She was running, dancing, and jumping just fine the next day, although if we told her to be careful with her foot she would become really dramatic and whimper saying ‘hut, hut’!  I am so glad she is okay and so glad I took her to the doctor.

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